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Beauty Blender Vs Foundation Brush

This is such a hotly debated topic, and I’ve changed my mind a few times over the course of my make up using life. Just a point to know, I’ve not actually tried the official beauty blender, but I’ve used a number of other blenders that I think Continue reading “Beauty Blender Vs Foundation Brush”

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Day 30: The Journey So Far…

I can hardly believe I’ve managed the 30 day challenge, admittedly with a couple of posts being a little late… It’s been an amazing journey for me, and I’ve loved every second.

I’ll definitely be continuing my blog after this challenge because it’s been so fun, and has given me so much more confidence in myself!

At the point I’m writing this, I have 109 followers, which is just insane, and so much more than I ever thought I’d have overall, let alone after just a month!

I’d like to thank every single person who has read, liked, commented or followed: it means so much to me every time I get a notification.

If you’d like to see any particular posts then please let me know, and I’ll add them to my list.

Thank you again, and until next time,

Clare .X.


Day 29: REVIEW- Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume

I was lucky enough to recieve a sample of Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume, Black Opium. I don’t normally buy perfume because it’s so expensive, but I really do love wearing it, so this was a lovely sample to recieve.

I’m not completely convinced by this scent, though it has grown on me over time. It’s very strong, meaning the perfume will last a long time, something you definitely want from an expensive perfume.

This retails for around £50 for a standard sized bottle, which is about what you could expect for a high end perfume. I certainly wouldn’t pay that for this perfume because the scent wasn’t completely for me, but I can see why others would.

I’m not the best at describing scents- normally I can distinguish between sweet, fruity and other, and this is definitely other. I’m aware this isn’t the most helpful description, but I really am bad at describing things like this.

The packaging of the real product looks amazing, as I think most perfumes do, but even the sample was presented so well- very sleek and classy!

I’m very glad I got to try this, as it’s very exciting to try new high end products. Massive thanks to Yves Saint Laurent for sending me this sample- I’m so so grateful, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until tomorrow, for the final installment of my 30 day blog challenge!

Clare .X.

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Day 28: The Liebster Award

I’ve just been nominated for this award by Rebecca Rose ( and I couldn’t be more grateful! Her blog is so interesting, and I’m sure you’ll all love it, so go and have a look.

She asked a number of questions which I’ll be answering here, then I’ll leave a list of people that I’m nominating for the award too, and some questions for them to answer.

What was your worst travel experience?

I’ve been very very lucky. You hear some horror stories about holidays going wrong due to bad travel experiences, but I’ve never had anything that bad… Maybe a few hour delays here and there?

What is the furthest you’ve been away from home?

Hmm… I don’t go away very much, and most of my holidays when I was younger were UK holidays. The furthest is probably the Canary Islands, I went for two weeks with all my family when I was 11, and I went for 10 days last summer with my boyfriend.

Where would you like to live in the future?

Ive not really considered living outside of the UK, but offer me a villa in the south of France and I don’t think I’d turn you down. Realistically, I can see myself living in a nice, fairly modern (though I do love the old antique style house) host, big garden, and lots of lovely things to fill the house with! I’d have so much fun decorating it!

Would you like to have children one day? If so, how many?

I definitely want children in a few years. I’m 22 now, so perhaps in 6-10 years? I’d like two- I was an only child an and it was sometimes a little lonely, but I’m not sure I coupl could cope with three!

What is your all-time favourite book?

Wow, this is a tough question! I adore reading, and I’ve read so much that this is actually very difficult to answer… I’m going to cheat a little and tell you a few of my favourites, I hope you don’t mind! The Harry Potter series will always have a special place in my heart- I loved them so much as a kid, and even now I still go back to them because they are so well written, and who doesn’t love a bit of magic?! I also love anything that is historical fiction- my favourites are the Cousins War series by Phillipa Gregory, and my favourite from that set of books has to be The White Queen. It’s well worth a read if you haven’t already!

What is your pet peeve?

I hate laziness. If someone can’t be bothered to do something it can really bug me, especially when it cam comes to bring organised. I hate my bed being unmade, and things like that! 

What is your worst habit?

I’d have to agree with Rebecca for this one- biting/picking my nails. I love when my nails grow our nicely, but I also end up biting them if I’m nervous or thinking hard.

If you were going to die in 24 hours, what three things would you do in the time you had left?

Ooh, thats a tough one! I’d meet up with my parents and my grandad (or call them if that wasn’t possible) and chat to them for as long as we needed to. I’d get all my friends together and have a last meal together- maybe a Chinese takeaway while playing a game and chatting? I’d then take lots of photos, print them out and make sure there were enough for all my friends and family.

What do you think is your biggest achievement?

Graduating from university with a First Class Honours Degree.

Would you rather visit the world 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?

Definitely the past. A part of me wishes I’d lived in the past, in the time of court life as it was in the historical fiction novels. 
I’d like to nominate the following people for this award:




The Beauty Stage


My questions for these bloggers are:

How and why did you start blogging?

What would your dream holiday be?

What do you prefer: books or films?

What’s your dream job, and do you ever think that job will be yours?

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I love reading their blog posts, so definitely go and check them out! They’ve also been very supportive to me, liking and commenting such lovely things on my posts, so I’m very grateful to then, and to all of you who read my blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and again, thank you for all the support you give me and to Rebecca for nominating me! If you’d like to answer these questions in the comments I’d love to hear from you! 

Until tomorrow,

Clare .X.


Day 27: City break of a lifetime

As most of you know, I’ve just got back from a week in Paris with my boyfriend. The holiday was his birthday present to me, as we were away for my birthday, and we had such an amazing time! This post will be mainly pictures, as I may have taken more than a few… Enjoy!

They are in no particular order… But hopefully everything is explained properly!

The Louvre- such an amazing building with the iconic pyramid at the entrance.
About to board the Eurostar, armed with snacks for the journey! So much excitement!

Croissants for breakfast!

My first time visiting Sephora! There’ll be a blog post coming soon…

The beautiful and magnificent Sacre Coeur- so ornate inside, and we climbed the 300 steps to the top of the basillica. Hard work, but worth it for the views!

A stunning view of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night!
Seconds before I took this, I saw a shooting star right next to the Eiffel Tower. Couldn’t have been a more magical moment!
Dinner in a lovely brasserie for my birthday.
The Arc De Triomphe. A stunning structure, with fabulous views of all other landmarks from the top!
Who wouldn’t recognize this? Taken just before we climbed to the top- a brilliant, if not exhausting, experience!
A boat trip along the Seine, seeing all the sights just add the sun began to set.

Our feet were definitely aching by the end of the week, but we had a fabulous time, and definitely made the most of it. We saw all the famous sights as well as lots of smaller sights, ate some amazing French food, and had lots of laughs. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing just a fraction of our holiday pictures- I’d love you too share your holiday experiences with me!

Until tomorrow,

Clare .X.


Day 26: Organising Myself For a New Term

Whether you’re at university or school, you’ll know the pain of summer coming to an end and having to go back to school. I always liked it, but that’s not too say I preferred it to the sun! I’m starting my masters year at university, so thought I’d share some of my tips about how I plan to stay organised. Hope it helps you!

Use todo lists

These are so useful- definitely a critical part of keeping yourself organised. I normally have an ongoing list, and one every day for everything I need to complete. I create these in a notebook or on a whiteboard- a prominent place where I can’t ignore it! You can buy specific to-do list notebooks, if you need more incentive to create these.

Weekly Planner

These are very helpful because they let you see your whole week in one go. You can buy these fairly cheaply, but it’s also very simple to make your own. I find this makes sure I don’t forget all important events and meetings, as well as allowing me to schedule everything I need to accomplish.


In addition to a weekly planner, a more long term diary is also useful for recording events in the future and making sure assignments get done on time. This also makes sure you don’t double book yourself- something that is never any good.

Monthly goals board

I created this a little while ago, when I realised there where a number of things I wanted to change. This allows me to create six goals at the start of the month, and I can see them everyday, allowing me to work towards them! This was so easy to make, and quite fun to use because the post-it notes make it so easy to create new goals once the first ones have been achieved.

In/Out Tray

I bought this as part of a mini stationery haul a while back, because it’ll help me keep on top of all the loose sheets and bits of work that need completing. The three trays are handy to septate work that’s been done and work that’s still to be done. Plus, it looks so pretty on my desk, so I couldn’t resist getting it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and it helps you organise yourself ready for the new year! I’d love to hear your top tips, and I’d love to try them!

Until tomorrow, 

Clare .X.