Day 29: REVIEW- Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume

I was lucky enough to recieve a sample of Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume, Black Opium. I don’t normally buy perfume because it’s so expensive, but I really do love wearing it, so this was a lovely sample to recieve.

I’m not completely convinced by this scent, though it has grown on me over time. It’s very strong, meaning the perfume will last a long time, something you definitely want from an expensive perfume.

This retails for around Ā£50 for a standard sized bottle, which is about what you could expect for a high end perfume. I certainly wouldn’t pay that for this perfume because the scent wasn’t completely for me, but I can see why others would.

I’m not the best at describing scents- normally I can distinguish between sweet, fruity and other, and this is definitely other. I’m aware this isn’t the most helpful description, but I really am bad at describing things like this.

The packaging of the real product looks amazing, as I think most perfumes do, but even the sample was presented so well- very sleek and classy!

I’m very glad I got to try this, as it’s very exciting to try new high end products. Massive thanks to Yves Saint Laurent for sending me this sample- I’m so so grateful, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until tomorrow, for the final installment of my 30 day blog challenge!

Clare .X.

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