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April Birchbox

Sorry to interrupt the series that’s currently ongoing, but I really wanted to share this post with you. I recently signed up to receive Birchbox again- mainly because they put adverts on facebook, and some of the products this month look really great! I used to receive it a while back, but stopped my subscription to save up some money. For those of you who aren’t sure, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box, which costs £12.95, and you are sent a little box of beauty goodies each month, including make-up, skincare, and haircare. There are lots of companies who do these, and Birchbox is just one of those.

As you can see from the header photo, this months box was beautiful! Is is a collaboration with Cath Kidston, and is gorgeously designed. I keep all of the boxes for storing make-up and the like, but this one will be kept right at the top of the collection. There was a voucher in the box for 25% off when you spend £35 on Cath Kidston. The code is BIRCHBOX, if anyone wants to make use of that.


Each Birchbox has 5 products in, and this month I had two make-up products, which I was very excited about. The first product was an insanely tiny highlighter, from Model Co, in the shade Moonshine. It’s really pretty, with a lovely glow, but it’s so so tiny! It’s no bigger than the size of a 2pence coin, which makes it a little more difficult to use, but it is pretty on the cheekbones. The full size of this would cost £24, so I really hope the full size is a lot bigger!


I also recieved a full-size brow tame gel, in Brunette, and I really like this product- so much that I’ve added it to my daily make-up bag. This product costs £8.60, which I think is quite a lot given the product is really small, but it applies well and I really like it.

I also recieved a Birchbox exclusive Brush cleaner. These are great, and really clean the product from brushes, however it is really not worth £5. I bought a couple of similar items from Primark (two for £1), that are technically face massagers, but look identical, and do just the same job. Don’t buy these just for the name, because there are cheaper products that do the same job!

I also received a miniaure Cath Kidston hand cream, which for a full size product would be £2.50. This is a reasonable price for handcream, and this product smells amazing! I love having small handcreams to throw in my handbag.

My final product was a volume spray from Protect & Volume. This product smells really lovely, and I’m excited to see if it works. However, the full size is £21.50, which is very expensive!


On the whole, I really liked this box, and all of the products in it. I’m seriously considering continuing my subscription, because it’s nice to try new products each month.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, and would love to know your thoughts of these products, or of the box if you receive it too.

Until next time, when we are going to continue with my make-up series.

Clare .x.

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