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April Pink Parcel

I recently subscribed to Pink Parcel, just to try it out, and since I got my first box for £7.99 (rather than £12.99), I thought it was pretty good. Pink Parcel is another monthly subscription box (like BirchBox), but it provides all the products you need for your period. You can select the types of products you need, and you can choose when you want it to arrive. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the period bit, but I’ll instead focus on the beauty box section.

I think the box was laid out really well, and it was much bigger than I expected… Below is a photo of it compared to BirchBox! There was a bag of sanitary products labelled ‘for now’, some more labelled ‘for later’, and some more ‘for night’. I think they’ve really thought about how to present it well, and I really enjoyed opening it. However, I think most people will probably need for than 12 tampons on their period… I do anyway. But never mind. There were a good supply of other sanitary products, so it’s all good.

It’s so much bigger than BirchBox!

The most exciting part has to be the ‘for you’ box, which has all of the typical beauty box items in it. My box had 5 beauty items, some chocolate, and a tea bag, which I’m quite looking forward to trying, but more on that later… The focus on this box was springtime and flowers, so each product has a connection to that, says the leaflet.


The first thing to catch my eye was a tube of Natural Bodywash, from the brand Greenfrog Botanic, in the scent Geranium and Peppermint. I bet this will be a really refreshing and invigorating scent, so I’m excited to use this for my morning showers. It’s 50ml (a sample), and the full size would cost £8.95 for 300ml… So very expensive. I think I’ll just enjoy it while the sample lasts…

I then saw a small box containing a coffee and coconut lip scrub from the brand jelly pong pong. I’ve tried a mascara from that brand before and wasn’t too impressed, but I’m excited to try this, because I need to get into the habit of using lip scrubs to make my lipstick look nicer! This is a full size product, and would cost £15, so a bargain to receive in this box!

There was also a perfume in this box, which smells amazing! It’s by Catherine Malandrino, and is called Style de Paris. It’s very flowery to match their theme, but sweet too, making it perfect for me. It’s also perfect handbag size! This would cost £16 for 8ml.

I also received a black liquid eyeliner, which I was a little disappointed with because I don’t wear eyeliner (because I’m awful at applying it! I’d definitely welcome any tips!), but for someone who does, this looks great! It’s a really fine pen that would get a lovely line, and it’s very pigmented. This is full size and worth £13, and from the brand The Beauty Crop: Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner.

I received some under eye masks in the box, from the brand beauty pro. I’m excited to use these, because I’ve used similar products in the past and really enjoyed them. These cost £4.95 for three pairs, which I think is pretty reasonable.

I received two squares of orange flavoured chocolate- my absolute favourite, which is very exciting, and a Lemon and Peach flavoured Green Tea. I’m trying to teach myself to enjoy tea, because it worked when I tried with coffee, and these seem like a good starting place! The tea has lots of vitamins in, which I think is great given I’m a student and constantly busy! The tea-bags cost £3.69 for 15 bags, which isn’t that cheap compared to regular tea. But for 25p a cup, I guess it’s not actually too bad. I also got a discount code in my box, which I may use if I like the tea.

Overall, I think the box is good, and a really nice idea. I’d like to see a little more make-up in there, but I was happy with all of the items I received. I’m not sure a period box is really necessary, but I’ve never suffered too much from them. Periods are a thing and just happen, and they don’t bother me. I know some people who are badly affected by them, and I think a box like this would be perfect for them. I’m not sure if I’ll keep up my subscription, but I’m going to consider it.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I’d love to know your thoughts about this box, or any of the products inside.

Until next time,

Clare .x.

8 thoughts on “April Pink Parcel

  1. I love teas 😸 and I do my winged liner by apply the shape on the lid first, then going from the end of the wing to attach to the lid shape- idk if that helps haha


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