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REVIEW: I Heart Revolution Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette Elixir

I saw this in Superdrug a while back, and just had to pick it up. There were about 10 different palettes in this range in Superdrug, and I must have spent about 10 minutes deciding which one to pick up. I only wanted to get one to try it out, thinking I could always get more if it was any good. I hope you enjoy this review, and I’ll be posting some eyeshadow looks created with this very soon.

Firstly, these are clearly a dupe for the too-faced chocolate bar palettes, and since they are about £30 cheaper, I was very excited. I think the packaging is a bit gimicky, but looks kinda cool and fun, and is very good quality. Plus, it comes with a HUGE mirror in the lid, which is definitely as plus for me.


There are 14 warm, complimentary, beautiful eye-shadow shades in the palette, and two highlighter shades. The shades are a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, which I think is brilliant, and I’ve already created so many beautiful eye-shadow looks with just this palette. I think there is enough variety in shades to only need this, but not too many that they don’t work together.

The pigment is not the most impressive, one of the biggest let downs of this palette. The swatches below did need quite a lot of product, and I find I do need to swirl my brush in each colour quite a lot before using it. The eye-shadows do last quite a long time on the eye, and using a primer and setting powder first, I haven’t noticed any creasing yet, despite often wearing the product all day long.

As you can see, the pigment of these is not great. But they are pretty shades that if you use enough product will look really great.

There can be quite a lot of fall out from these shadows, so I would suggest doing eye make-up first, to stop the dust from these colours ruining your base make-up. For someone who always leaves eye make-up until the end it’s a little annoying, so I’ve started just fixing things with concealer afterwards if they go wrong.


The shades are all named. I love palettes that do this, because not only are they really cute names, but they make it easy to write blog post tutorials for different looks! My favourite shades at the moment are ‘Candy’ for the crease, ‘Sweet’ for the outer corner, and ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Sugar’ for lid colours. *SPOILER ALERT* I’ll be using these for a make-up look on a post very soon!

The palette smells like chocolate. Wow. Not as much as verthe too-faced chocolate palettes, but enough that it is definitely recognisable as chocolate. Which makes me happy. Because I really love chocolate…

The price of these palettes are great, the colours are beautiful and easy to work with, and the packaging is fun. However, the pigment isn’t the best. But, that being said, I really like this palette because of the beautiful colours, and I’ll definitely be purchasing another of these palettes, with a different shade range.

Have you tried any palettes from this range? I’d love to know your thoughts. Would you like to see make-up looks and tutorials for this palette, or any others? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll start getting creative!

Until next time,

Clare .x.

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