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May Glossy Box

I bought two subscription boxes last month: Birchbox and Pink Parcel, which you can read about here and here respectively. I decided to try a different couple this month, and today’s post will be about my Glossy Box.

Glossy Box is ever so slightly more than Birchbox and Pink Parcel, but not considerably more. They all fall into the price range of £10-£15, which isn’t too bad. Because of the similarity in price, I think they are comparable in quality.

This months box is so so so gorgeous. If you read my April Birchbox post then you’ll know I really loved that box, but this is even nicer. It’s going to be prominently displayed on my shelf, once I work out what to put in it!


There were five beauty products in this box, and a bonus gift which was a whole-leaf tea bag, from the ‘we are tea’ company. This is called Earl Grey Supreme. As a non-tea drinker I’m not that fussed about it, but it fits well with the theme they are trying to show this month, which is relaxation. These cost £2.99 for 15 bags.

I received a shampoo and conditioner duo from Maria Nila, and these are decent sizes. They are both 100ml bottles, they smell gorgeous (not at all chemically), and are in a pretty pastel green colour. Although I think shampoo and conditioner are pretty boring for a beauty box, they are going to quite nice to try. The shampoo costs £3.98 for 100ml, and the conditioner would be £4.00 for 100ml. For me, that is way too expensive, but I’ll happily try the samples.

I also removed a 100ml bottle of make-up remover, which is always handy, especially for travelling, when I may not want to take entire bottles. This is apparently full size, and costs £10.50, which I would never pay, because my Garnier Micellar water is much bigger and about 1/3 of the price!


I received an eye-shadow palette from trifle cosmetics. I’ve had a couple of things from this brand before, and the best thing is their beautiful packaging. This palette is the Praline Palette, and has mini ice-creams all over it. I’ll write a full review of this soon. This palette is £15.55, which I would never pay for a palette this small, because there are much better, cheaper options. However, I’m still excited to play around with this palette.

The final product was a Jelly Foot Soak, from ‘Just for feet’, in the scent Soothe (with lavender and Lemongrass). I’ll write a full review of this too, because I’m super excited to try it. This was £4.99.

All in all, this box was ok. Not great, but not bad. Just ok. The shampoo, conditioner, and make-up remover were meh- I’ll use them, and they’re essential, but they’re not very exciting. The tea I’ll probably try, because I’m trying to start liking tea, but again, I’m not that excited about it. I’m really excited by the foot soak, because it looks really cool, and I think it’s a great idea. And I like the palette, because who doesn’t?!

Have you got this box this month? What are your thoughts?

Until next time,

Clare .x.

6 thoughts on “May Glossy Box

  1. The foot soak sounds very nice! I would’ve been upset (as a tea drinker) to get that bonus cause Earl Grey is the only tea I’m not a fan of haha hope you like it if you try it though (:

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