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May Look Fantastic Box

I promise I’ll get back to my make-up collection series soon… But, for today, I’ll be telling you about the look fantastic subscription box. This is more expensive than the others I’ve received, but only by a couple of pounds. There were six products in this box, and I’m actually quite excited to try all of these!


I received a Bubble Purifying Face Mask, with Charcoal. I’ve never tried a bubble mask so am super excited to try it, and it looks really interesting. I’ll probably review this in full when I try it. These are sold in Superdrug for £5.49, which I think is very expensive for a mask, but I’m super excited to try it!

I received some teeth-whitening strips too, which I’m intrigued to try out. I’ve never used anything other than toothpaste or mouth wash, so I’d love to see how these works. I received four sachets, each containing a strip for your top and bottom teeth, so I feel like these will actually give you a chance to properly see how they work. These cost £40 in Boots for more than four sachets, but I don’t know how many you get.

I got a three-in-one mask, moisturiser and primer from this works. I don’t really understand how it can be a mask and primer, but I will probably use this as a moisturiser. This costs £40 for a product twice as big, so my sample is worth £20! Bit expensive for me, but I’m excited to try it.

I received an age-defy serum, which I will use because I have a couple of fine lines on my forehead. I don’t generally use serums though, but I’ll give this a go. This sample is worth £17.30, which is crazy!

I received a Sleek contouring kit in Medium, which I’m super excited to try. This has a lovely contouring shade, and a beautiful highlight. I’ll leave a review once I’ve worked out how to make it look great on my skin. This costs £7 which I think is reasonable, and I’m very excited to try it.


My final product was a black felt tip eye-liner from eyeko. I really don’t wear these, but because I’ve been sent so many, I feel I should try to wear them more. This costs £16, which is reasonable I guess, not that I wear it.

Overall, I really like this box. it has 6 products that I’m definitely going to enjoy using, and in terms of value for money, it is much better than other boxes, because the products are worth so much more! It also comes with a free copy of Elle magazine- I don’t read it, but it adds to the value of the box.

Have you received this box? If yes, what were your thoughts?

Until next time,

Clare .x.

10 thoughts on “May Look Fantastic Box

  1. Hi, great blog post, I recieved mind and done a review on it, this was my first Lookfantastic box and have subscribed for 6 months and so far im impressed, lets hope they keep impressing me x

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  2. Lovely box! Felt tip liner is the easiest to use for a good, sharp cat eye look (: I tried teeth-whitening strips before and could never get them to sit right for the allotted time. I use a toothpaste & gel duo now for whitening and it’s working really well

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