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Winning a Giveaway- Review

I was lucky enough to win a Giveaway on WordPress a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I’d show you the products I received, and do a mini-review. First of all, I’d like to thank Shannon, from Kittyp0p for running this giveaway, and for sending me all of the lovely things I’m about to show you. 

There was a lovely range of products in this giveaway, all of which I’m super excited to try! When the parcel arrived everything was in tact, because of the very good packaging.

The first thing that caught my attention were the insanely soft slippers. These are amazing, with super soft pink fur inside, and say ‘Always in the mood for a nap’ on the soles. They are lovely for just before bed, and first thing in the morning. Included in the parcel was also a brown bandanna, with a lovely pattern on it. I don’t really wear bandannas, so I’ve wrapped this around the handle of my handbag, and I think it’s super pretty. She also included a pencil in the box, which is fun, and always helpful.


There were a number of general beauty/skincare products in the giveaway, as you can see in the photo above.

The first was a moisturiser from Bath and Body Works. I’m so excited about this, because we can’t get these products in the UK. The scent is lovely, and the packaging of this is gorgeous!

The mango Flipbalm is lovely- really convenient for travelling, and who doesn’t always need more lip balms?

She sent me a set of false nails, in a really lovely pattern. I’ve never tried false nails, so I’m excited to give these a go. She also sent a set of three lovely nail files, which are always handy!

I also received a firming moisturiser sample, which will be lovely to try.


I also received a few make-up bits in the giveaway, which I’m super excited to try, as I love any new make-up products.

I received a sample of the too-faced Hangover replenishing primer, which I’ve never tried but heard good things about, so I’m excited to try this. I also received a mini Smashbox primer, which I’m SO SO SO excited about, because I’ve heard amazing things about this!

I received a sample of a tarte blusher/bronzer duo, which looks lovely.


There was a powder foundation included, which I don’t really wear. It’s also very shimmery, so doesn’t really suit me because I prefer matte foundations, however, I think it will make a beautiful subtle highlighter.


I received a blush stick from wet n wild, which is a lovely colour, and looks like it will blend out really well.


I received another blush stick from Nyx which is a more vivid pink, and very shimmery. I like it, but it will have to be used in moderation because it is very pigmented!

I want to thank Shannon again for organising this wonderful giveaway, and thank you for all of the lovely products! You should definitely check out her blog (Kittyp0p) because she has some brilliant posts, and some lovely pictures!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Until next time,

Clare .x.

4 thoughts on “Winning a Giveaway- Review

  1. Aww yay, you’re so welcome! Thank YOU for participating in my first giveaway, it was a ton of fun (: I’m glad to hear you haven’t tried a lot of the items before & it’s awesome that I could give you the full size body cream (that was my fave thing to add in). Enjoy playing around with those makeup bits, the shimmer foundation would make a good highlighter- you’re totally right!

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